Introducing… Unlimited Fashion

Director of Unlimited Fashion, Kemal Kalayci, is showcasing his garment manufacturing for the first time at this year’s Make it British Live! Find out about Unlimited Fashion’s CMT unit and register to meet them at the show.



Could you introduce your business?

With over 50 years of experience in the clothing manufacturing industry, we are able to produce a wide variety of clothing within both menswear and womenswear, at the highest level of quality.

 We provide a CMT service for high-end brands that showcase their collections at LFW and stock in luxury department stores worldwide.



What product or service are you most excited about showing at Make it British Live!

Meeting with potential clients in person will allow us to showcase our samples, and show our manufacturing capabilities, and most importantly it a way for people to meet the team


Who are you looking forward to meeting and connecting with at Make it British Live!

We are keen to meet with established brands that require either sampling or production services, whether on a seasonal or more frequent basis.



Why do you think it’s important to support made in the UK?

Making in the UK gives you easy access to your factory whether you need to deliver urgently required material, have garments amended or carry out a quality control check.

It reduce the risk of mistakes being made as information does tend to get lost in translation.

And you are support the UK economy which will have a knock on positive effect to the economy and helps reduce unemployment as it allows factories to continue employing staff.


Unlimited will be exhibiting at Make it British Live!

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