Vintage Cushions

My voyage into Vintage Cushions began some years back after a succession of several vivid dreams; one in particular was where I saw myself sat at an old Singer sewing machine amidst swathes of fabrics, trimming cards and button boxes. I am the type of person who considers the messages in my dreams I decided to translate this one into creating cushions using vintage fabrics, scarves and buttons. I see scarves as paintings each one being completely individual. Hours are spent placing them alongside one another to create two beautiful and complimentary mis-matched sides.

Often, I’ll be asked why I don’t use a plain backing for the reverse side, and therefore making more cushions. Vintage Cushions are an expression of my art; to create a cushion with two beautiful sides and thereby altering the look of an interior is a saving in both space and money. Some of the fabrics are collectable pieces and samples are housed in the archives of the V&A. The workmanship of each one is of paramount importance, with not an over-locked seam in sight. The best cotton linings and bias trimmings are used, finishing with my trademark vintage button on each zip pull. A handwritten luggage label is attached describing the provenance and history of each cushion Vintage Cushions appeal to a wide variety of settings from the most humble to the utterly lavish. They work for comfort and as a piece of art on the couch. Vintage Cushions tell a story Past to Present. With your own treasured fabrics, personalised cushions can be created on request.